Alleged instigators of the Machadodorp riots arrested

The shop was torched and the owner alerted his security company, resulting in the alleged assault.

Man at the centre of Wimpy food tampering rumours sets record straight

The customer clearly stated that what is currently being circulated on social media is not a true reflection of what happened in-store.

Body of 17-year-old to be exhumed today

He was allegedly beaten to death and the family never reported the matter to the police.

Alleged bogus doctor arrested while on duty

Kano Mireille Mumina (38) could not produce her practising papers and her details also did not appear on the HPCSA register.

Police issue stern warning against lawlessness

The community stormed the local police station and blocked the exits with their vehicles. Officers could not leave to attend to complaints.

Wimpy's official statement regarding alleged food tampering at the I'langa Mall branch

Wimpy i’langa Mall has not found any evidence to suggest that food tampering took place.

Trees, the ecosystem's gold

National Arbor Week in South Africa, which usually takes place in September, is the time of the year when all South Africans are called upon to plant an indigenous tree.

Two nabbed for prescription fraud

A total of 153 illegal transactions allegedly took place during April 2015, resulting in a total loss of approximately R1,5 million to medical schemes.

Wimpy launches full investigation into alleged food tampering

Wimpy said it would like to assure their customers that, based on the findings, appropriate action will be taken.
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Do you know where that aeroplane is going to?

The rankings are based on an analysis of more than 800 000 individual trips booked on since the start of 2017.