Signs and symptoms of codeine addiction

The Local Choice Pharmacies takes a look at codeine abuse.

Hazards lurking in your medicine cabinet

One of the dangers of keeping unused medication at home is that it often leads to misuse among teenagers.

First study about erectile dysfunction to include black men

They found that men who exercised were most likely to have an erection.
Brigitte Taim

Cannabis-Oil lists only the most dependable CBD products in South Africa

The focus of the website is to educate consumers about CBD oil and its many benefits.

Scientists concur: Rooibos' potential to curb heart disease undeniable

Rooibos is exclusively farmed in the Western Cape.

Premium Eating Disorder Treatment Facility Opened in Cape Town

Staff members will include a variety of professionals, such as psychologists, dieticians, nurse practitioners and psychotherapists.

Brace Yourself! Third Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year

Experts say that once the fun and festivities of the holidays are over, our mood comes down too.

Know Your Waters: Decoding Bottled Water Terms

Approximately 70% of all bottled water in South Africa is natural water.

Cockroaches Are Annoying, But There Is More to an Infestation

A few millennia’s ago, cockroaches were appreciated in South Africa especially by the Zulu people.

Mental Health First: Preparing for the Holidays

There are many things which can taint our experience of the holidays. Fortunately, all of them can be worked through or managed, and therapy helps.