Vision screenings offered to teens in celebration of Youth Day

“We want to urge our young people to make eye health a priority, educate themselves on the topic and to go for regular check-ups."
Alan Straton

Global warming leads to malaria increase

Malaria kills more than 400 000 people annually, with over 200 million reported malaria cases every year.

Get to the cause of dry eyes this winter

Consult your eye care practitioner if you continue to experience symptoms of dry eyes.

SA has second highest incidence of skin cancer worldwide

There are two main categories of skin cancer - melanoma and non-melanoma.

The road to health for Multimedia Sports Journalist, Trevor Cramer

According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of SA, 210 people die every day from heart disease.

How digital technology is changing the way we look after our health

Technology is evolving dramatically and affecting the way healthcare professionals and patients engage with each other.

SA Children at risk from sunburn at school

Sunburn in children increases the risk of developing skin cancer later in life.
Brigitte Taim

Keep tabs on your alcohol consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption can increase your risk of a stroke.

The Reality of Breast Cancer Treatment Costs

Prevention is indeed better than cure, that’s for sure.

SA's poor condom use strengthens case for VMCC

“Many men and women say sex with a condom just isn’t as enjoyable."