Seismic testing sparks national uproar: Plett Environment Forum and locals demand immediate halt

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How to turn an outbuilding into a money making machine

Homeowners often can rake in a small fortune by turning their garden sheds or underutilised outbuildings into a micro business.
Mariana Balt
| 14 NOV, 2023

Swartland Auctioneers: Where Antiques, Auctions, and Eye Candy Meet!

Whether you're in it for the antiques, or a chance encounter with the charming owner, don't just drive past Swartland Auctioneers.
Anchen Coetzee
| 14 NOV, 2023

5 Ways to upscale your kitchen on a budget

It is important to remember that even small changes can give your kitchen an entirely new look.
Tereasa Dias
| 14 NOV, 2023

Solidariteit se lede gaan Maandag werk en eis dat werkgewers oop moet bly

"Deur aan die EFF-eise toe te gee, sal hulle daartoe bydra dat ons deur ʼn spul anargiste regeer word."
| 16 MAR, 2023

What is narcissism and is there a cure?

Being simply egotistical, which, let’s face it, we all are, is not necessarily the same as being narcissistic.
Naomi Roebert
| 02 MAR, 2023

Wedding jitters to avoid

Pay attention to yourself in the time leading up to the wedding.
Steven J. Brown
| 14 FEB, 2023

Putting your best foot forward

The cold winter weather can have a harmful effect on your feet, if not taken care of correctly.
Steven J. Brown
| 12 JAN, 2023

Know your plastics to avoid health pitfalls

Various plastics are potentially deadly for both people and the planet.
| 15 DEC, 2022

Fenomenale Fransie praat sonder "airs" of "graces"

Die storie van 'n Plaasmol.
Anchen Coetzee
| 24 MAY, 2022

What is free sugar costing our kids?

Many parents are oblivious to these damaging effects.
| 13 MAY, 2022

Get to the cause of dry eyes this winter

Consult your eye care practitioner if you continue to experience symptoms of dry eyes.
| 22 APR, 2022

Female-led team in Mbombela's fuel sector is breaking down barriers

EZ Fuel's directors have a combined total of more than 60 years of experience in the retail fuel market.
Anchen Coetzee
| 08 MAR, 2022

Wit landdros bly in sy pos

“Dit is verblydend om te sien dat kwota-gedrewe aanstellings nie as algemene praktyk in die howe geduld word nie."
| 03 DEC, 2021

Sakeredding vir Sibanye-Stillwater om werk te red

“Dit is duidelik dat die maatskappy nie bereid is om in die beste belang van sy werknemers op te tree nie."
| 03 DEC, 2021

VPI: Laat rentekoers onveranderd; dereguleer brandstofprys

Volgens Du Buisson sal ʼn verlaging in die brandstofprys ook uitkring na voedselpryse.
| 17 NOV, 2021

Gangsters disarmed in Kensington and Manenberg

The 28-year-old suspect was caught in possession of an unlicensed shotgun.
| 22 OCT, 2021