Swartland Auctioneers' second auction of the year delights attendees

Posted in News by Anchen Coetzee on 29 February, 2024 at 11:52 a.m.

In a lively event on Wednesday evening, Swartland Auctioneers secured its second auction of the year, captivating attendees with a vast array of furniture, assorted items, and an unexpected addition: two classic cars. Among the highlights were a 1998 Ford Falcon and a 1988 Toyota Corolla. Despite their nostalgic appeal and numerous interested parties, these vehicles fell short of their desired bids, leaving potential buyers with a window of opportunity to contact Gordon Bain and make an offer.

Beyond the bidding excitement, Swartland Auctioneers prides itself on creating an enjoyable social gathering. Attendees not only engage in spirited bidding but also relish the camaraderie, laughter, and catch-ups with acquaintances. The auction venue caters to big and small, encouraging everyone to bring their children (and appetites) as the grill fires up early.

The evening marked a triple celebration for Swartland Auctioneers: its birthday, the aftermath of Valentine's Day, and the leap year occasion. Attendees participated in a lucky draw, with Kobus van Aarde emerging as the fortunate recipient of a beautiful bouquet from Henry's Flowers.

For those eager to explore offerings, Swartland Auctioneers' is open six days a week, providing ample opportunities for prospective buyers, with all items pre-priced.

Expressing gratitude to the supportive community, Bain, the owner and auctioneer, said: "I want to extend a huge thank you to all the locals and those travelling from afar on a regular basis. It truly is a privilege to have such an amazing network of people from all walks of life joining us and supporting our auctions,"

Furthermore, he seized the opportunity to convey his gratitude to Africa InTouch News' sister company, iOlogue Media, overseeing their marketing initiatives, for the outstanding work they have accomplished thus far.

"We promise another exciting auction during March for the general public and bargain hunters alike," said Bain, and continued, "The date for the next auction will be announced soon."

Editor: Anchen Coetzee
Subeditor: Ethan Cane


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