Wedding jitters to avoid

Posted in Lifestyle by Steven J. Brown on 14 February, 2023 at 11 a.m.

Planning a wedding, a ceremony, and a honeymoon while you have a full-time job is extremely stressful. You have so much on your plate, and your stress levels take a bit of a hammering, especially if you are doing it all yourself.

It's generally important to take care of yourself, but even more so when you have a wedding approaching. Be sure to pay attention to yourself in the months and weeks leading up to the wedding.

Try to look at alternative options before you walk down the aisle, especially options that will cause the least amount of anxiety. One of these options could include a bespoke wedding location like Granny Mouse Country House & Spa to get rid of the "needless nerves".

Planning a wedding is hard. Trying to please parents, future in-laws, yourself, and your fiancé may seem like an impossible task. Most people don’t have experience in planning such big and important parties.

So, if you are suffering from pre-wedding butterflies, that is normal. Understanding the difference between being stressed over a wedding is one thing, and it’s not about having hidden concerns about going ahead with this big step.

Signs of pre-wedding jitters and what you can do about it:

  1. Having trouble eating: We often feel like we have "butterflies" when we are anxious about something, and this reduces our appetite. It’s important to eat for strength and energy. Try eating yoghurt, cheese and biscuits, or even marmite on toast. Also, if possible, avoid any sugary treats.
  2. Can’t sleep: Anxiety brings racing thoughts, which tend to be exaggerated when your environment is quiet. Try elements that focus on relaxation, like having a long bath, putting on some calming meditational music, or doing breathing exercises while thinking happy thoughts.
  3. Exercise: Nothing makes one feel better than a little exercise, whether it be yoga, meditation, walking or even a session at the gym. Any of these can take the edge off your anxiety. The best idea is to create a regular exercise schedule leading up to the wedding to keep those stresses to a minimum. It does help.
  4. If you're having trouble concentrating: Get out your notebook and make a list, ticking it off as you go.Don’t try and be a hero and think you can remember everything – you are going to forget important aspects, which will then stress you more. (That is why we have bridesmaids to delegate).
  5. Short-tempered: This is part of the anxiety process, so try to think before reacting and speak calmly to help restore your zen.
  6. The Checklist: Who is the Boss? The list is the boss. Make a checklist and also include people you can trust to take on some of the responsibilities. If you worry about the day plan, then the checklist needs to include a timeline, i.e., contacting various suppliers before the big day. If you plan ahead and start making all the necessary arrangements early, you can avoid unnecessary stress and worry.
  7. Change the traditions: No one says you have to have a big wedding. Remember, it’s not the size of the wedding that counts, but rather sharing it with those who mean the world to you.

Contact the Granny Mouse Team on 033-234-4071 to help sooth those unnecessary jitters.


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