Theo Erlangsen having the time of his life.

Top mountain biker drops new video clip

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CAPE TOWN - Would you rather…

  1. Race on the very limit of your capabilities striving for perfection whilst going faster than ever before?
  2. Or, fly higher and be in the air for longer than you ever could have imagined possible without an engine, off the biggest monster jump you’ve ever seen?

Well, how about both in the space of two weeks?

Delve into the life of Cape Town MTB rider Theo Erlangsen as Monster Energy follow him through the Les Gets World Cup DH race week and Loosefest XL in Belgium. Get a feel for how a young, pretty self-supported pro mountain biker gets through such intense times and always with a smile on his face. If anyone can tell a story, it’s Theo!

Keep up with Theo on his Insta

Let’s not forget that DarkFEST is looming, and Theo will be playing a big part in the carnage.

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