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How does your pet show you they care?

Posted in Lifestyle by Tereasa Dias on 1 July, 2021 at 8:14 p.m.

Your spouse will sometimes ignore you and so can your children when you come home from work, but your fur babies will always be a warm, friendly face to greet you.  A tail will be wagging or a body purring and rubbing around your legs. This will soothe the pains of the world away.

There is no greater or purer love than that of your cat or dog. This is what total, unconditional love looks like (except with the moodiest of cats sometimes).

What are the signs our pets give us to show that they love us?

How do our pets tell us those emotions?

What do dogs and cats do to show us what they feel?  

Below is a list of behaviours that will show you the feelings your pet has for you:

How your dog shows you love

Your dog will be extremely comfortable staring into your eyes. The eyes will normally be half open with a dreamy look.  

Dogs actually use the exact same muscles to smile as people do. You can give each other smiles, believe it or not. They also pant, not just to release heat, but sometimes to show you they are having a good laugh.

Dogs spend a lot of time watching you. Over the centuries they have kept watching man and have developed the yawn. Some say this is also a way to say “I love you”.  

Your dog will come and give you a cuddle after he or she has eaten their dinner, which shows their love and appreciation for you.  

Dogs will want to sleep in your space when they love you. When your dog wants to snuggle up to snooze next to you, it is to show his or her love.

How cats show they care

These felines, despite their airs of superiority, know how to show their love as well.

When your cat thinks you need a grooming, he or she shows their love you by licking you. This actually mimics their feline mother, who showed them that same emotion when they were just a kitten.  

When a cat rubs their body and drags it across yours, it is to show you belong to them. Cats have scent glands on the head and the tail, so they will mark you as territory and their possession.

How better to show love than you give you gifts? Although you might not appreciate them quite like your cat will think you will.  So when you find a dead mouse or a bird on your doorstep, this is your Valentine’s Day gift. This act of generosity is a sure sign of love.

When your kitty rolls over and flashes you that fluffy irresistible tummy, it is an important submissive display as it is a “weak” or “soft” spot. If he or she wants you to see their soft underbelly, this is a sure sign of sincere affection.

The long gaze and slow blinks, followed by lots of purring, indicate their connection with you.

The above is just some of the ways your pet will show you he or she loves you. But look out for unique ways how they communicate their affections. Take a little bit of time to learn their ways.  Just like humans, your pet’s personality is unique and they have their definite ways they show you their love.

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Written by: Tereasa Dias
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