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Benefits of family traditions

Posted in Lifestyle by Tereasa Dias on 9 April, 2021 at 10:39 a.m.

Life has become exceptionally busy. Parents juggle extremely difficult balances between work and home, and this is why people have to start making special time for family by creating some unique family traditions of their own.

The following is a list of distinctive examples and ideas you can use to strengthen your family’s bonds:

  1. Children growing up with parents who read them bedtime stories are said to do better in schoolwork than others. These children learn to have a wider vocabulary. Hearing your mother or father reading aloud to you is soothing and creates a great bond.
  2. Take walks in the evening. This is dependent on whether you reside in a safe neighbourhood.  This is a great way to get some exercise and release stress.
  3. Make a family game night. From Charades to Monopoly, having a game night, even if it is a once-a-month affair, can create laughter and fun for the whole family.
  4. Have movie or series nights. Make it bingeworthy and make sure everyone in the family gets a turn to pick their favourites. Have lots of popcorn and snacks. This can be made fun as the kids can help make the snacks. Some families drag the mattresses into the lounge and make movie night a slumber party as well.
  5. Watch your favourite sport on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Make it a family event, and make sure you root for your team together.
  6. Have a pizza or pasta evening. Keep it for special nights on the calendar. To make it more fun, try making your own and getting everyone to put their own toppings on.
  7. Create a family home night.  Some religious organisations already do this, like the Mormons who are encouraged to set aside one night per week. Their nights include a fun activity and a short lesson on Scripture. If you are not religious, you could talk about anything as it is the time to bond.
  8. Special Saturday or Sunday morning breakfast. Make traditional breakfast or put your own twist on French toast.
  9. Grocery shopping can be a family event. Ensure everyone gets involved with the shopping and stop afterwards for a milkshake or treat.
  10. Go on road trips together annually. Even if it is a budget-friendly camping trip near a dam or by the coast. Or the more adventurous can do a spontaneous road trip. Each family member can choose a direction to drive each day and go where the road leads. This will ultimately lead to some lifelong memories for your family to share. 
  11. Create games and then matches against other families. A great example of this is to challenge another family for a paintball or balloon paint battle. If there are no places nearby that have these types of activities, create it in your back garden. All you need is a lot of balloons and some water-based paints, and let the games begin.

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