Msudvuka Park. (Photos sourced from Msudvuka Park’s Facebook page.)

Siblings drink, swim and drown - police issue public safety warning

Posted in News by Richard Nkosi on 3 December, 2020 at 2:39 p.m.

BARBERTON - The Mpumalanga police strongly warned the community to refrain from swimming while under the influence of alcohol.

The warning was due to a recent incident on Saturday November 28 in which siblings Elvis (33) and June (31) Khumalo had drowned at the recreational facility, Msudvuka Park, a few kilometers outside Barberton on the R38 to Badplaas.

According to the police report, a family of 15 from Tjakastad Trust in Elukwatini had arranged to go to Msudvuka Park to host a party.

The siblings, who had been part of the group, had been seen swimming by another family member, but were gone some time later.

The entire family searched until late that night, but without any success.

The following day, the search continued. Before midday, an employee of Msudvuka Park noticed something in the pool and the bodies of the siblings were discovered.

The police and paramedics were notified about the incident and upon arrival, the victims were certified dead.

The police appeal to the public to avoid swimming in pools or dams, especially without adequate training or proper supervision, and certainly not after having consumed alcoholic beverages that might put their lives in a compromising position. Parents are also urged to look after their children especially now that schools will be closing.

Editor: Anchen Coetzee
Written by: Richard Nkosi
Subeditor: Wahl Lessing


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