Court refuses bail for murder and rape suspect

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SECUNDA - A 32-year-old suspect was remanded in custody in the Secunda Magistrate’s Court yesterday, when he appeared on murder, rape and housebreaking charges, as well as an additional charge of house robbery, regarding an incident on February 23, when a 62-year-old woman was found murdered in her flat. Police had, at first, very little to go on, as there was no eye-witnesses to the incident.

The suspect, however, was initially arrested for housebreaking on April 11, and appeared in court the following day, where he was remanded in custody for further investigation and  confirmation of his address. When police went to his alleged place of residence - in adherence to an instruction by the court - they discovered property of the slain woman, which then linked the suspect to the victim’s murder.

The man was then charged accordingly. During questioning, he told police his motive for the crime was theft, and he did no think anyone was home. He was caught off-guard by the presence of the victim, who immediately began to fight him off.

The suspect gave police a full confession, and also admitted to the theft of the victim’s vehicle.  He further told the police that, after committing the crime, he reportedly went home and contacted his brother (36). They then went to Limpopo Province to sell the vehicle. Police followed up on this information and traced the vehicle to a certain man in Limpopo.

The vehicle was left abandoned at an unknown location, where it was discovered by police.

Both brothers were then charged. The main suspect is facing charges of murder, rape, theft of motor vehicle and house robbery, as well as housebreaking, while the brother was charged for the theft of a vehicle.

The case was postponed to May 6, at the same court. The brother was granted bail of R1 000. The main suspect was remanded in custody pending further investigations.

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