Vision screenings offered to teens in celebration of Youth Day

Posted in Health by Alan Straton on 19 June, 2018 at 10:50 a.m.

Dynamic Vision Fourways Mall Optometrists offered free vision screenings in celebration of Youth Day that took place on Saturday, June 16. They offered screenings during Youth Week to high school students in the area.
Anjana Mahadeo, Owner and Optometrist at Dynamic Vision Fourways Mall Optometrist says they offered these screenings during the week building up to Youth Day to give young adults in the area the opportunity to become aware of the importance of eye care and to celebrate their youth.

Anjana Mahadeo (right) and optical assistant, Kganelwa Mokuwa.

“Youth Day has become an opportunity to address the needs of young South Africans and to shine light on better conditions for this group who plays a significant role in the country’s future.”

“Eye care is directly related to overall performance academically and on the sports field and the sooner eye disorders are picked up the less damage can be expected in adulthood.”

“We want to urge our young people to make eye health a priority, educate themselves on the topic and to go for regular check-ups. To pick up on eye-health disorders in time, visit an optometrist at least every 12 months,” concludes Mahadeo.

For more information on general eye care, please visit the Dynamic Vision Fourways Mall Optometrist website .

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